Saturday, 13 February 2010

Give Chocolates, Help Haiti

Fancy having some chocolates, or rather giving them to loved ones this Valentine's Day? Why not buy chocolates for a good cause?

Intentional Chocolate is currently donating 100% of its profits to numerous charities that support Haiti until Valentine's Day. This is an excellent opportunity for all of us to give our Haitian friends some love, support and encouragement to help them deal with their loss.

Whether you love milk, white or dark chocolate like me, you will drool when you see the many selections at Intentional Chocolate. From chocolate truffles to hot chocolate drinks, they have them all!

Go on, surprise that special someone with some gourmet chocolates today!

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  1. what a great cause to give chocolates to the needy.. :)

  2. Good morning, Ane! I'm craving for some chocs too! It's been a while! And yes, it is a great cause. :)

  3. I want chocolate covered fruits right now Debbs.. :P

  4. Oh I've no cravings anymore, had some choc brownies! :)

  5. yumm chocolate brownies.. I want that too! :P

  6. Sometimes I wish I can just grab some yummies and put my hand into my pc to pass them around, Ane! :) If you're my neighbour, I'd share food with you all the time! Lol!

  7. LOL! If we were neighbors I'd share my cooking with you all the time too! :D I'm not a gourmet chef or anything, but I cook good meals.. :D hehe


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