Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Black & Red Birthday Card For Dhiya

Tomorrow is my dear friend, Dhiya's birthday. I made a surprise birthday card for her recently and since she has received it, I shall share it here with everyone!

Black and Red Birthday CardDhiya's Black & Red Birthday Card

Dhiya loves red and black, so I've decided to use both colours on her birthday card. I really love how the card looks, and I think it's one of my best creations, ever.

So why don't you send Dhiya some birthday love eh? She has two blogs; Cerita Dia is her personal blog and Diyadeary is where she sells her beautifully-made cards. She has also recently launched her webstore. She's currently selling pretty Aidifitri cards, so check her store out okay?

Happy birthday, Dhiya! All the best in your studies and card-making business. I'll always be here to give you all the support you need! Hugsies!

Congrats to the first THREE commenters! :)

Shemah - Just Press Play
Mariuca - Meow Diaries
Dhiya - Cerita Dia


  1. That is such an awesome card, debbs!!! :) :) Dhiya likes black and read izzit??

  2. I haven't sent any cards in a while! Like in a loooong while.. I feel terrible now!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Diya, oh yay another Virgo, big hugs! :):):)

  4. Yay dapat jugak FC2 even though stupid TF failed me today freakazoid!

  5. For that, can I have meows here today to cheer me up he he... ;)

  6. Debb!!!! Thank you so much!

    I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!! :)
    It's been a while I didn't received any handmade card. It's so lovely and I'm so excited to receive a birthday in my favorite colors! :) :)

  7. ohh, yeah, we are virgo girl yeah. Thanks Marzie! :)

  8. thank you for promoting both my blog and webstore as well.. ;)

  9. Yup, Shem. She loves red and black! :)

  10. Okay GP, Meowies it is! Hugsy!!

  11. You're most welcome, Dhiya! :) I'm glad you love the card. I really enjoyed making it for you! :)

  12. thats a great looking card Debbs. I am sure she will love it.


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