Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I Heart Brown-N-Blue!

Tada! Tell me you like my blog's new look! I've spent hours tweaking the codes, choosing and editing the colours, and creating a new banner! I wanted to use pink and brown combo at first, but I thought I want to get away from pink as much as possible this time. So here it is, especially for brown and blue combo fans!

It all started when I chatted with the lovely Marzie and the talented LadyJava last night. I've tweaked my blog codes so that the main area loads before my sidebars. I hope it's a lot faster than before. It loads perfectly here, using Firefox. I particularly LOVE the tartan background and it doesn't affect the loading time at all! I also created a new matching EC widget for CraftNSwap. Yay!!

Craftnswap's new EC image

Anyway, watch out for a new post on brand new craft items at my craft store, maybe later today or tomorrow ya! I'm still offering 10% discount for 6 lucky customers! Don't forget to get your own brads and silk flowers. Attach the silk flowers onto your scrapbooking pages or your handmade cards with the cute brads. :) Have fun!


  1. Beautiful design and the color combination is really fantastic. GOOD LUCK

  2. Great Job Debbs. I knew you can do it!!! I loves it!!

    I baru bangun ni... tengok tweeter and terus head here... now need to do some housework ok..


  3. Morning LJ! Hehe..baru I lega, semalam tension gak fikir nak tukar template. Nasib baik I go and jeling2 the current code and trial n error. :):)

    Ttyl dearie! :)

  4. Wow.. This is indeed wonderful. I also come by through twitter as soon as I online. Love the color especially the background picture. The page load quite fast too :)

  5. Thanks Haaziq! :) I'm glad this girly blog appeals to men because of its colours. Yay!! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  6. Ah seee..... who says mengomen itu membuang masa???? Terus u did some tweaking job and an excellent one too, good work Debbs! :):):)

  7. Tenkiu for the linky love sweetie! :)

  8. Hi Marzie, thanks for the compliments! :):) I'm really happy with it too, it's my best tweaking job so far!! :)

    Oh, you're most welcome, dearie!


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