Wednesday, 29 October 2008

For Sale - Acrylic Clear Blocks

New stock received! I now have the Autumn Leaves clear acrylic blocks. These blocks are to be used with clear stamps as mounts or handle. :) I only bought a few of these, so they're limited. Buy or book yours now! :)

Tip: You can click Add to Cart and order from this blog. :) Otherwise, click on the link to view the item at my store.


  1. Wah!!! Craft is blue now, no more pink!! Terperanjat tadi he he but oh so matching with Mariuca today! :):):)

  2. Excellent Debbs! I just refreshed and everything loads MUCH faster now woot! :):):)

  3. Oh ya kan, matchy2 wif Mariuca lah! :):)

    Terkujat ekk? Thanks for your constructive comment last night! :) Kalau tak, takde wajah baru for CnS!

  4. book 1 acrylic block for me, i will give the rest of my order tonight or tomorow.

    I have some hard time using your shopping cart... So i'm writting my orders here.

    By the way, do u have public bank account??

    See ya.

  5. Ciyou, what kind of problems are you facing when ordering from my website? I have a few customers already and so far none of them complained. I'd like to know.

    Let me know! Thanks.

    By the way, I only have Maybank account.

  6. Finally I manage to order them.
    The problem that I was facing earlier was whenever I add to the shopping cart, there is only the "check out" button and I keep on going to the confirmation page. And I need to press back and back again. After I try and click here and there, I found that "X" button to exit the popup window. My sugguestion to add a "continue shopping" button beside the "check out" button.

    waiting for your invoice soon.


  7. Yes that's what you should do, after you add to cart, you should click the X to exit and continue shopping or click checkout if you're done. No one else has that problem before.

    The website is automated so I can't change much of the codes. Thanks for letting me know. I'll process your invoice now.


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