Thursday, 2 October 2008

Crafter's Block

Who knew that there's such thing as crafter's block? Oh well, I've been thinking of crafts to make for the past few days. My brother's birthday is tomorrow and I cannot even think of a theme for his birthday card. I mean, he doesn't like football, he doesn't even watch it and he doesn't even have any favourite band.

Pulling my hair doesn't help either, it will only contribute to hair loss and you don't want to know how much hair I lose every day. I still remember my boyfriend's joke about my hair. He said that if I collect the hair I drop every day, I can sell them to make wigs! Now that's a thought, a very disturbing thought indeed.

Luckily, many types of hair loss treatments are available in hair salons and spas nowadays. Although they may cost a bomb, there's nothing worse than thinning hair. If that ever happens to me, God forbids, that will be my worst nightmare. Yup, worse than having to hold a lizard in a Fear Factor challenge. I will never hold or even touch a lizard in my life, though. Even the thought of that makes my hair stand. Now excuse me, I need to do my weekly home hair treatment. Don't forget to do yours!

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