Tuesday, 29 July 2008

How To Organise Your Brads

I haven't done any crafting this week since I was busy with my money blog, Phat-Wallet. It's all up and running now, so I took some time off the Internet to do some room-cleaning and I actually found an old box that looks like a pill box. It has 6 compartments and I thought I could use it to store some of my craft embellishments.

I decided to put all my brads collection in it and they look great! I've organised the brads according to shapes. I chose to sort them by shapes because when I make my cards or other crafts, I tend to pick the brads by the shape, for example a heart, then I'll choose its colour.

You can also organise your tiny embellishments according to colour and material, if you have a larger box. Remember, the key is to reuse whatever containers you have as your craft storage. Being a frugal crafter, I always love used containers and boxes, and usually have a hard time parting with any of them!

What about you? How do you organise your craft supplies?

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