Saturday, 3 May 2008

ATC Swap - Identity

I'm on a PINK roll! LOL!

I made a Mother's Day card for my mom yesterday and today I made 4 ATCs for a swap.

The theme, Identity was chosen by Mangosteenskin as she's the hostess for the swap. I was supposed to make 3, but I made an extra ATC for Mangosteenskin.

I made the ATCs using textured paper, rubber stamped images of daisy, butterfly and bee, brads and other embellishments.

At first, I wanted to make zentangle ATCs, but then everyone else make zentangles too, so it's not really my identity. Then, I chose to use the theme colours of my blog, which are dark pink and purple to represent myself.

The bee symbolises my name, Debbie aka Day-Bee. Debbie is the short form of Deborah, even though in my IC, it's just Debbie. =) It is of Hebrew origin, which means "bee".

The daisy and butterfly symbolise the girlish side of me. The glitter on some of the embellishments mean that I like some attention, sometimes. Notice that each ATC is different? That means that I like to different from others and it also means that I am fickle-minded. LOL!

I've never swapped ATCs before, so this is really exciting!

I have a few more things to do:
  • make another Mother's Day card
  • think of ideas for this month's blog giveaway
  • post these ATCs to Mangosteenskin
  • post April's blog giveaway to Mariuca
  • post some swaps
  • do some swap shopping! =)
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. wah..syabas debbie dah siap..

    bagus laaa...cantikk tuu semua..

    rizal pun hantar atc rizal kat manggo..

    fun betul buat mender2 nii..hehe

  2. Thanks Rizal. =) Saya dah tengok ATC awak kat Mangosteenskin punya blog.

    I just realised, I didn't explain the connection between the ATCs and my identity. Kejap lagi saya edit. =)

  3. what a coincidence..

    mine ada butterfly.. yours pun ada butterfly..hihihi..

    great hand works

  4. Ye la..tak sempat lagi nak cuba buat anyaman butterfly and bunga rotan..I will try them out soon! =)

  5. Wah.. really creative.. cantik debbie I like :)

  6. Thanks LJ! Creative sikit2 jer.. =)

  7. He he he...confirm la u like pink Debbie!!

    PS. I'll start a DW cartel tonight, then we can get back to business lolz... :)

  8. Taklah, Marzie. Saja use my blog theme colour for the ATC hehe. I only like dark pink. =)

    Yay, seronok nya ada Cartel. :)

  9. Debbie...I need your help.. Could you please change the link of the Red Hot Drops badge image to this new one..

    Just look for this line...

    and replace it with this line

    Thank you and please treat this as an urgent request.

  10. Thanks dearie.. much appreciate.. phew .. now my blog can load properly I hope :)

  11. Okay, I've edited it. The url is long so when I copied it, it wasn't copied in full.

  12. Cool.. thanks Debbie.. still making my rounds.. after this nak tengok DH pulak!! see ya!!

  13. hi debbie! baru perasan post ni. wah! i really cant wait to get my hands on them! ni tengah senyum2 nih. i really enjoy arts n craft. buat saya rasa bahagia....haha!

  14. Samalah kita. I love arts and craft, even though it might be a small thing. Tapi hasil kerja tangan org kan, sangat berharga. =)

    Tak lama lagi sampailah ATC ni in your hands. =)


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