Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Swapbot - Int. Postcard Penpal - danido

I received this from danido for International Postcard Penpal swap on swapbot. She got me this postcard of Death Valley, California. It's spring now in USA and I bet it's really beautiful, with all the flowers blooming in every colour. I love the postcard very much.

I think postcards is one of the simplest and sweetest thing you could send someone. It's short and sweet; it doesn't take a long time to write and to read. And you can send postcards overseas for a flat rate of 50 sen per postcard. I think that's really cheap. It's definitely taken for granted. I think that's why there aren't much designs of Malaysian postcards. Not many Malaysians I know uses postcards, unless they're sending them overseas. Someone should hire me to design postcards for Malaysia. LOL


  1. it does feel good to receive somthing. wahhh cemburu betui tgk.. nice postcard there..

  2. Rizal: If you want to send and receive postcards, go to and join. Ramai jugak tau Malaysians join this.

    You have to send first and wait for your postcards to reach the recepient, only then you can receive, so no one can cheat.

    Every postcard has their own code, so when you receive a postcard, you're required to register it on the website. Go and see for yourself. It's really easy. =)


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