Thursday, 3 January 2013

Crafty Heart at Hills Christmas Bazaar 2012

Right after the Bloom Bazaar 5, I joined The Hills Christmas Bazaar, also held at The Hills Shopping Mall in Kuching. It was a 10-day bazaar, and I joined in because it was held at the Lower Ground Floor, and I wanted to gain more experience selling offline. I also wanted to see how it's like, whether there's enough crowd, and so on.

My booth, same set up as TBB6

My new handmade signage! :)

For a few days, I shared my booth, which includes 2 tables with some crafters. During the weekdays, I shared my booth with a friend, who sold her preloved and new clothes. On Sundays, I shared my booth with a crafter friend, who makes hair accessories.

My handmade cards for sale! :)

My verdict is, I like The Hills Shopping Mall, but the crowd was just satisfactory. I was happy that more people went to see the supplies that I have for sale, and they asked a lot of questions regarding the products and also my business. 

What I didn't like was, I didn't think The Hills management did any promotion or advertisement about the Christmas Bazaar, like they should. They should have had some sort of advertisement, like having a big banner printed and hung by the roadside near the main entrance, to attract more customers to come in and see what it's all about. They shouldn't depend on the vendors to attract customers on our own.

New printed wooden buttons for sale!

I also didn't like the registration process. I couldn't call the person in charge because somehow, I think his number was printed wrongly on the flyer. When I managed to talk to him on the phone, he couldn't answer some of my questions, like he was unsure, and he told me he had to "ask my manager". So why are you the person in charge, when you have to ask your manager everything?

Selling old stocks of stickers, super cheap!

I fell sick on the 7th day of the bazaar, and had to close my booth the next day. I guess, I wasn't used to the cold air-conditioning, and I was also tired, since I have to come home late every night and start early the next day. We had to open our booth from 10 am to 10 pm, which is quite a hassle, so sometimes, I opened my booth a little late, and closed a little early. I mean, since we're paying for the booth, we can do that, right?

Crafty Heart handmade Christmas cards for sale

In the future, unless The Hills Shopping Mall management agree to lower the booth rental to maybe RM35 per day, I don't think I will be joining their bazaars anymore. I managed to make some profit from the Hills Christmas Bazaar, but I'm not very happy with their management.

Meanwhile, hope you enjoyed the pics! :)

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