Sunday, 4 December 2011

Crafty Heart at The Bloom Bazaar 2

Remember I mentioned how nervous I was to sell offline for the first time at The Bloom Bazaar? Well, I had fun, lots of fun at the bazaar. I made some new friends, and finally met some of my most loyal customers from Kuching too.

Me at my booth

I managed to make a good sum of money for a half-day bazaar. There were 22 vendors, although a few did not turn up, for some reasons. My new friends, Sheena and Monita were also vendors. Sheena sells bronze charms, handmade headbands, handphone charms, and hair clips, while Monita sells handmade cards and journals. I had so much fun talking to Sheena and Monita the whole day.

Sheena and I

I love my fuchsia table cloth! I love that I got its measurements right, even though I didn't know how big the table was until that day itself. I do think that I need a better signboard that spells Crafty Heart clearly. The pennant flag banner is a gift from my friend, Ida, by the way. Isn't it pretty?

Crafty Heart's booth

Close-up of my booth - you can see my handmade Christmas ornaments
 and tags, as well as my handmade card and popsicle bookmarks on display

I also purchased some items that day. I didn't manage to browse through all the stalls, though. Sheena made me a red and black headband, which fits my large head perfectly. Thanks Sheena's Handmade House! Jojo had fun shopping for bracelets too, and I got a funky ring from Teebags and Teeshoes. I also bought a purse from Ochibi Cutties Cloths, and a bangle from Beb Fashion Raccolta.

Our purchases

Jojo and our cousin Nana and her friend were there too, giving me moral support. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to joining the next Bloom Bazaar, which is planned for April 2012. Meanwhile, I hope I'll get a spot for another bazaar in January 2012. Wish me luck!


  1. congrats on your new experience .. I also looking forward for my first Bazaar experience but I dont know when yet . wish you all the best :)

  2. Thanks Cik As! I'm sure your time will come soon, and you will enjoy every bit of it. :)

  3. congratulations!!! wish i was there......

  4. Congratulations, Debbs!!

    Wish I was there.. your booth looks soooo awesome! Glad you're starting a new phase in your life and meeting up with new friends. So happy for you!! *hugs*

  5. Hi Shem, thanks so much! :) I'll be joining another bazaar in January 2012. Excited! :D Wish you were here too!


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