Monday, 18 July 2011

Joining a Craft Bazaar

I've always wanted to join a bazaar. Somehow, the idea of selling craft supplies is entices me, although I have very little experience in the area of sales. When a Facebook friend and fellow crafter advertised her third supplies bazaar, I immediately said yes! Furthermore, it falls on 1 October, which happens to be the third anniversary of my store.

I've been wanting to join her supplies bazaar but couldn't, due to other commitments, and also due to the fact that I am not ready. This time, I am ready and I thought, it's now or never.

I've asked another friend, who is also crafter to come along and be my assistant for the day. I really hope nothing will come up on that day and she'll be free to help me with my stall. I'm still deciding on the colour of my table cloth, though.

Bic Clic Stic Pens -

I'm also thinking of getting something to be given away as gifts. Perhaps packs of scrapbooking flowers would be nice. Any type of promotional items would be cool too, like these colourful Bic Clic Stic pens or personalised shopping bags. Aren't they cool?

Personalized Shopping Totes -

I could have some of these printed with my website url and logo, and voila! Super cool advertising materials! What do you think? I personally think the shopping bags would be a hit. There are so many other items at Check it out!

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