Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas Presents for the Kids

My Christmas presents are ready. I've wrapped them last week, and this time, instead of using inexpensive brown paper, I used wrapping paper that I bought a local store. The store sells cheap products from China. I think it's like the dollar store in the US, where you can find cool things for just a few Ringgits.

The pretty wrapping paper is sold for RM1.20 per pack of 2 sheets of standard size wrapping paper. I think it's a steal! I was surprised with its great quality.

I'm all for inexpensive way of wrapping gifts. This is because wrapping gifts is just a way to conceal the actual gift from being seen by the recipient. Most of the time, wrapping papers end up in our garbage bin anyway, so why spend so much on it? 

In this case, the presents I bought are for my little cousins, nephews and nieces. I doubt that they know how to save trees, yet!

I just hope they'll like the gifts. Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? 

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