Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Beware of My Lazy Craft

My best friend, Yenny, owner of Dragonfly Craft has recently alerted me about an issue. This is regarding a person who calls herself My Lazy Craft. This person had a blog, which has been removed and also a Facebook page.

Apparently, she sells ebooks that she has downloaded for FREE from a person who has painfully scanned or captured the ebooks and shared them for free. My Lazy Craft has also copied pics from popular crafters' blogs. You can read a post by one of the bloggers, SekociNorlie.

This is totally wrong, peeps! As a fellow crafter and blogger, I'm totally against copying pics or contents without permission from the owners. It has happened to me before, when a crafter bought some brads from me and used the pics I took to sell the brads on her blogshop. I did told the person to remove my pics, but since she sold the brads very expensively, I couldn't care less to revisit her blogshop to check if the pics have been removed. I know somehow God will repay her for stealing my pics.

Tell all your crafter friends to be aware of My Lazy Craft. Let's not become victims of such person, who has absolutely no class and no integrity. 

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