Thursday, 20 May 2010

How to Write Sentiments on Cards

I love reading and writing sentiments on greeting cards. Each greeting card would not be complete without at least a line of sentiments or greetings.

I have made a fair amount of greeting cards since I started crafting. From handwritten sentiments to computer printed greetings, in my opinion, they are all special in their own way.

Depending on the nature of the handmade card, the greeting should fit the overall mood of the card. Some sentiments are long and in many lines, just like a poem, but you can't go wrong with something short and sweet. As long as the greeting suits your card, the recipient will definitely love the thought you've put into making the card or composing the sentiment.

There are many ways to actually place a sentiment on your handmade card. If you have a nice handwriting or if you can write using a calligraphy pen, then you're so lucky!

Otherwise, I prefer to use easier methods like stamping using rubber or acrylic stamps, or using rub-ons. With rubber or acrylic stamps, you can reuse the sentiment over and over again, but using rub-ons, unless you buy them in multiples, you can only use them once.

I sometimes like to print out sentiments using my computer too. There are many colours and fonts to choose from, and I can easily use quotes and verses that are available online. I love using this method for my handmade wedding congratulatory cards because I love printing beautiful Bible verses for Christian weddings.

Making handmade cards can be difficult for some people who are not used to crafting, but it can easily be taught. I love making cards for my family and friends, and each card is made with lots of love. Nothing can replace a beautifully-made greeting card, not even expensive things like a Ford car or Ford accessories.

Have fun crafting!

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  1. nice post!

    as for me, i still keep my cards that i received since i was in grade school. now most of these cards and letters are part of my scrapbooks.


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