Saturday, 6 March 2010

Casino Themed Cake & Cupcakes

My best friend, Yenny is looking to buy cakes and cupcakes for her wedding. I was browsing around for ideas when I saw this awesome casino-themed cake. There are also casino-themed cupcakes, which are really cool!

Baking is definitely a type of craft. If I could bake and decorate, I would definitely bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies. I would experiment with every theme that I can think of. I would make gorgeous cakes and perhaps, sell them and start a business!

A casino-themed party would be great for Yenny's hen night. It would be a fun-filled party, with lot of food, drinks and what else? Casino games, of course!

I was thinking of visiting a website, where I can find guideline to the best online casinos on the Internet. By using the list, I'll be able to make sure that the online casinos, poker rooms and gaming sites are verified by their members, before I practice my gaming skills at the party.

I wish there's a way to visit a virtual casino online. Don't you think that would be fun?


  1. Yay! My fren Domino threw me a besday party once and it was a casino theme party yeeeha! I prepared the goody bags, very cool casino goodies inside! :)

  2. wow.. casino cake? that cake looks gorgeous i don't think i'd have the heart to eat it! lol!

    @Mari, your friend's name is Domino? no wonder he threw a casino theme! :D kidding.. :P


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