Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More Crafting Goodies For Me

Dhiya came over to my place today to collect her orders. The last time I met her, she gave me some crafting goodies for my birthday. Today, she surprised me with some snacks aka chili cuttlefish, which is my favourite! She also gave me some  ribbons and buttons!

I love the ribbons and buttons! There are 20 colours of buttons altogether, so I'm in button-heaven! Thanks Dhiya for the gifts! I really appreciate it and thanks too, for your orders. :) Thanks for the yummy Secret Recipe brownies and the Pangkor souvenir too! :)

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  1. Wow!! Dhiya is such a great friend!!

  2. Those are really amazing gifts and goodies!! :) I used to record my "proof of abundance" so that I can write it down in my gratitude list book! :) :)

  3. Hi Shem! Yeah, Dhiya is so generous! :)

  4. Oh I've never met anyone who actually record such thing, Shem! It's a good idea, though, to remind us of our blessings! :)

  5. Yeah.. that's exactly the point.. To record our blessings, then when you look back through your days, you realize how blessed you really are. And it doesn't need to be about receiving things, even something like a stranger holding the door open for you and stuff like that.

    And you know debbs, i don't know maybe because i'm more aware but memang macam bertambah-tambah my rezeki.. hahaha..

    Tapi long time edi i din do because i left my gratitude book in kk.. My mom also does the same thing. She and Syura lah yang taught me to do it..

  6. Shem, I think I'll start jotting down my blessings like you and your family do. :) I think it's a really good practice. :) Thanks so much for sharing, Shem! :)

  7. No problem, debbs! :) For me, it helped me lead a happier lifestyle because for once, I don't focus on all the negativity in my life.. and I just remember all the great things that have happened to me! :) But since I left my book in KK, I'm going to use the notebook you gave to me to record it down now.. :)

    Cheers to our gratitude and "proof of abundance" book!! LOL!

  8. It makes a great gift too, Shem! Maybe I can try and alter a notebook to be used as a Gratitude Book. :) Yay! :)

  9. they are so cute :) and ur lucky to have Dhiya as friend


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