Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Not Gambling, Just Rambling

I'm so tired! I just came back from a 2-day trip with my best friend and as soon as I got my hands on my pc, I immediately processed all pending orders on Crafty Heart.

This week's agenda include mailing paid orders and last month's giveaway prizes. I am still working on an altered tin, an altered photo frame and two handmade cards for the main winners. I really need to get creative this week so that I can get them done.

I'm also expecting new stocks of brads and ribbons next week, which means more work for me. It's fun, though, because I love my job as it is also part of my hobby. Of course, having my own business is not as easy as reading online casino reviews.

I do have a life outside of the blogging world, mind you. If you find that I haven't processed your order or haven't replied your email, please give me some time to get into it.

Oh, did I mention that I've ordered my 2nd batch of clear stamps this year?

That being said, have a fun, creative week ahead! :)


  1. wow Debbs, good for you! you're so lucky to love your job! I'd trade places with you career wise anytime! :D too bad I'm not creative... :D

  2. I hope I get another job and fast!

  3. Hey Ane! :) I'm thankful for my job but it has its cons too. :) I hope you'll find a job you love soon! :) Good luck, dearie!


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