Saturday, 12 December 2009

WIP - Casino Party Invitation Cards

A friend of mine asked me to make 50 new year's party invites for her 2010 new year's bash. And guess what her theme is? Casino night!

Sound like so much fun, right? Well, designing the perfect card is such a headache, especially if it's last minute. I wish she'd tell me last month when I was not as busy.

Anyway, she's pretty easy to please, as she's one of my closest friends and we understand each other pretty well. I'm going to have to improvise for this and find casino-themed materials. Perhaps I can find some casino-themed wrapping papers that can be used as pattern paper for the invites. I was also thinking of buying a deck of cards to be used as the embellishments on the invites. Brilliant! (I actually thought of that as I was writing this post! Yay!)

I'm going to get back to designing the invites. Naturally, I'm invited to the party, of course, but I won't be able to go since I won't be in KL. What a bummer! I heard she's planning to rent a slot machine or something, just like those online slot games. Now THAT would be so much fun!

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