Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Altered Wooden Photo Frame

I'm almost done with my Christmas gift shopping. Initially I wanted to buy all my gifts but I just cannot help myself from not making gifts for my loved ones.

As of today, I've altered 3 tins and a wooden photo frame. Here's the photo frame that I've mentioned. I used scrapbooking chipboards and pattern paper for to decorate this wooden photo frame.

Altered wooden photo frameAltered wooden photo frame

There are many ways to alter a wooden photo frame. You can paint it with acrylic paint and seal the paint layer using clear varnish. You can also glue fabric, paper or even crochet flowers onto the frame to add dimension to your project.

If you're a nature-loving person, you can use natural resources such as seashells, dried flowers, dried leaves or even plant seeds to decorate your wooden frame.

I'm thinking of purchasing more of these wooden photo frames. I'm going to alter them to be given as Christmas gifts for my cousins back in Kuching. I hope this will inspire you to make something your loved ones. Happy crafting!

Congrats to the first commenter! :)



  1. i LOVE it too!!!!! awww.. my colors some more! =)

  2. Hi Debbie!

    Gosh, you're so creative. I do like creative stuff like this but I'm so lazy. My papercuts pun berhabuk oredi :*( :*(

  3. Hi Dhiya! Thank you hehe..I wanted to use the chipboards, so ngam2 pulak your fave colours! :)

  4. Hi Nessa! Thanks so much! You made my day, dear! You should undust la your papercuts. I loved them! :)

  5. Very lovely indeed! Your work is very neat!

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  6. Hi BoeyJoey, thanks for the link. I'll check it out! :)


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