Thursday, 19 November 2009

Gold & Red Wedding Congratulatory Card

I made this congratulatory wedding card as requested by my friend, along with the one with the tuxedo and bridal dress card. The theme colours are red and gold, so I tried to use both colours on this card.

It was my first time making a card in gold, but I quite like the result. :) Happy weekend, everyone!

Gold and Red Hearts Wedding Congratulatory CardGold and Red Hearts Wedding Congratulatory Card
Gold & Red Hearts Wedding Congratulatory Card
Size - 21 x 10 cm (closed)
Style - 3-fold, vertical, with inlay
Price - RM (sold)

Congrats to the first THREE commenters! :)

Shemah - My Sweet Escape
LadyJava - LadyJava Lounge
Mariuca - Meow Diaries


  1. Ooohh that's pretty, debbs!! Is that Now and forever a stamp???

  2. Wow.. very nice Debbs.. well done!!

  3. I oso like this gold card Debbs, great first attempt! :)

  4. Thanks for chopping, ladies. Let me know which blog you want here tonight. :)

  5. Can i have LJL please Debbs.. Thanks dearie!!

  6. Rub on??? wow... that's awesome!! Great card, debbs!! :) :)


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