Sunday, 1 November 2009

Free File Hosting on Miss Upload

My friends have always wondered how I got Crafty Heart started. Actually, until about 2 months ago, I have never used my credit card to purchase my craft stocks. All the while, I have been making full use of my online earnings from blogging.

There are many ways to earn money online. Paid reviews or paid posts, image or text ads, and paid-to-click (PTC) are just a few of the popular ones. However, if you are interested in making some cash, here's a program that offers more than just making money.

Miss Upload is a website that allows us to upload large files. Now, we all know that certain email providers allow up to 10Mb of attached files in one email. What about files that are larger than that? Miss Upload provides Free File Hosting and in addition, gives us opportunity to make some money.

All you have to do is upload your files on Miss Upload and you will earn $10 per 1000 unique downloads. Don't try to cheat, though. Miss Upload keeps track of ip addresses in order to prevent cheaters. You can also make more money by referring new users. You will get $0.10 or 100 points per new user who upgrades to premium account.

Upgrading to a premium account is not expensive at all. With only $10 per month, you will be able to enjoy up to 100000Mb of file storage and your files will not be deleted. Payout for Miss Upload is only at $10 via Paypal.

I think that creative, artsy people can make full use of Miss Upload. For example, you can upload your free digital artworks such as postcards, posters, blog banners and wallpapers on Miss Upload and get paid for every unique downloads. Isn't that a great idea?

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