Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bridal Gown & Tuxedo Wedding Congratulatory Card

I recently made this wedding congratulatory card for a friend. She wanted it to be in white, with a bridal gown on it.

Bridal Gown & Tuxedo Wedding Congratulatory Card Inlay-Bridal Gown & Tuxedo Wedding Congratulatory Card
Bridal Gown & Tuxedo Wedding Congratulatory Card
Size - 21 x 10 cm (closed)
Style - 3-fold, vertical, with inlay
Price - RM (sold)

Based on examples I saw online, I managed to draw and cut the tuxedo and assemble the pieces together. If you look closely, the tuxedo has lapels and bow-tie, which I had cut from smaller pieces of black paper.

The bridal gown was based on the paper dresses I used in making my altered mini notebooks, so it was very easy.

The card base is pearly white. It is a very shimmery paper that I bought at Popular. I used silver stickers and black sentiment rub-ons for the front and inlay of the card. I also used the same silver swirl stickers on the envelope, in light golden, shimmery paper.

As per request of my friend, I also printed a love Bible verse on the card inlay.

I hope you like the card as much as I do!

Congrats to the first commenter! :)

Emelia - Happy Me


  1. hoho.. very good job there. looks like professional punye! u can make more kaching! :)

  2. mum saw the cards...she said ur very talented lar ma fwen...I think maybe u better start doing it as a business...;o)

  3. Hi Tash! Thanks so much! Hehe see la if got orders, why not? :)


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