Thursday, 15 October 2009

How To Be A Good Online Seller

It's not easy to become a good online seller. Most people think that all I do is purchase my supplies, upload the pics on my store and start selling. To tell you the truth, that's not even half of what I do every month.

Other than the obvious aspects of online business, which is purchasing supplies, uploading pics and product info, and keying in the prices, I also have to make sure that I announce new arrivals via my store newsletter. Of course, from time to time, I will announce them here on this blog too.

Then, when orders start rolling in, I have to deal with my customers. Patience is key. To be frank, I don't personally know most of my customers, but I do have a few customers who became my real life friends. When dealing with customers, bear in mind that they're humans too, just like you. Since the mode of communication is typically via email, written messages may be misunderstood as you can't really hear the sender's intonation.

Hence, it is important that we read our customers' emails in a positive tone. If we receive complaints, deal with them positively too. Do your best to explain to your customers, and if possible offer a solution. Most customers will be happy with a free delivery, for example, or a free product sample. Refrain from replying when you're not in a good mood. Take your time to reply, and don't be afraid to apologise.

When packing your customers' orders, don't forget to include a little thank you note. If you have time to write a personal note in your own handwriting, that's even better. I assure you that your customers will appreciate your effort and therefore, will be happy to purchase more.

Respect your customers' privacy. Don't ever send out their personal details for whatever reason. Don't spam their emails. I do request my customers to give me their phone numbers, but I only use them for shipping purposes.

Last but not least, always be honest. If you've purchased from me before, you'll know that I don't charge extra for shipping and handling. I even return my customers' balance, or deduct them from their future purchases. I'm frugal and I hate wasting. I sometimes reuse envelopes to save cost, but I will always inform my customers beforehand. Tell me, how can my customers not be happy?

Anyway, I'm currently waiting for my first order from a wholesaler. I can't wait for the items! I've also ordered a Cutterpede paper trimmer for my personal use. I'm so excited about it too. I'll be able to create better handmade cards using the paper trimmer soon. Happy crafting!

Congrats to the first commenter! :)

Dhiya - Cerita Dia


  1. Hi Debb!! I'm excited too!! LOL! nak beli2. haha. and I also can't wait to get your feedback on the paper trimmer once it arrived!! :) bestnye~

  2. Hi Dhiya! I'll definitely let you know once the stuff dah sampai nanti! :)

  3. paper trimmer!! that will be awesome~! can't wait :D

  4. Hi Zwei, the paper trimmer will be for my own use, but perhaps I might consider selling them on my store. ;)

  5. Looks like you have your online business going pretty well :D

  6. Hi Spiffy! It's going as planned, thank you! :)

  7. Looking forward for the new products!! ;-)

  8. Hey Alice, will let everyone know when the new items arrive! :)

  9. those are great tips, debbie!!! thaks for sharing!

  10. great tips te debbs! how i wish i could put up online business! :(

  11. Hi Gagay! Perhaps you can start one in the future. :)


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