Friday, 28 August 2009

Video - What Are Rub-Ons?

I haven't got the time to make more cards. I've been busy updating Crafty Heart Online Store with new items! This time, I brought in almost 100 new items! Although it took me all night to upload the product photos to my inventory, it's worth it. I have some Christmas items, tonnes of stickers, embellishments and rub-ons.

What are rub-ons?
Rub-ons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re sticky on the back side (like a sticker), but they’re applied with a stylus or a popsicle stick. The most popular form of rub-ons are alphabets. The benefit to rub-ons over stickers is the fact that stickers often have an outside “ring,” where rub-ons have a very clean look. Often times, you can’t even tell the difference between a rub-on and a handwritten title. [Source]

Check out this video on How to Use Rub-ons!

These are my favourite rub-ons. The brand is called Cherry Arte. You can get these right now at my craft supply store for only RM9.50 per sheet, and they actually sell for $3.99 (approximately RM14.15)! They can be used for both scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Cherry Arte rub-onsClick to on image view large

If you like these Cherry Arte rub-ons, get them now!

Congrats to the first commenter! :)

Shemah - My Sweet Escape


  1. oooohhh i love looking at craft supplies!! these rub ons make me wanna buy them all!! LOL! although i don't even make cards.. i'm still not confident to use the supplies that i won from your contest!! LOL!

  2. Shem! FC! Thanks for chopping! :)

  3. Nice kan Shem? Luckily those are for sale, otherwise I don't think I'd be using them lol!! :)


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