Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Casino Party Centerpiece Ideas

For casino party centerpieces, you can have small transparent glass bowls and fill them with a lot of dice or poker chips. These make really simple but eyecatching centerpieces. You can have red, white and black glittery balloons as your centerpiece too. Just fill the balloons with helium and tie the together onto a weight. Cut colourful metallic paper in long strips and curl the strips. Sprinkle the curled strips to cover up the balloon weight and that's it.

You can buy craft punches in spade, heart, diamond and club shapes. Punch red and black coloured papers to make confettis and sprinkle them around the centerpieces. This is an inexpensive decorating idea and it is perfect, especially for bachelor or bachelorette parties.

If you love flowers, you can colour-coordinate them in red, white and black, which are the common colours on playing cards. This will bring a feminine, sensual touch into your party, unlike any other typical casinos. Apart from giving your party a glamorous look, flowers like roses smell great. However, don't forget to check with your guests, in case any of them is allergic to pollen.

While you are at it, why not check out some online casinos? You might find at least one online casino that offers free membership, great as one of your party add-on. Have a computer with Internet connection ready for your guests to enjoy during your casino-themed party.


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