Thursday, 19 February 2009

What A Busy Week!

I hope I will never have to make any more phone calls because some people are plain rude. I mean, come on, if you want business, you will have to step up on your communication skills and learn to appreciate your customers more. I hate bad services and I hate rude people.

On another note, I will be very busy next week with the party planning and everything. I am going to make sure that my friend has the best party ever, so that she will do the same for me on my big 3-0! Another two years to go and I am not really looking forward to it actually.

I really need to get back into crafting. Lots of birthday cards to make this year, in addition to mother's and father's day cards for my parents. I am also looking for a store in Malaysia that sells felt. I really want to learn to sew my own rag dolls. Then, I can start making rag dolls as Christmas presents for my sister, cousins and nieces. Also I might just sew one as a giveaway on this blog!

I wonder what my dad is doing right now. I miss him. He'd enjoy an online casino game or two. I think I'll call him right now.

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