Friday, 27 February 2009

A Picture Tag From Mariuca*

I've never been so excited about a tag before, but an award should be given to the person who started this one! The lovely Mariuca has tagged me with this, and I must say I enjoyed Googling for my answers! Enjoy!

The rules:

"Use Google image to search the answers to the questions below.
You must choose a picture from the first page of the results,
and post it as your answer. After that, tag 7 people."

(1) The age of my next birthday

(2) Place I'd like to travel to

(3) Favourite food

(4) Favourite place

(5) One of my nicknames

(6) Favourite color:

(7) College major

(8) Name of my love

(9) Hobby

(10) Bad habits
(11) My wishlist: Ugly Dolls!
I'm tagging these creative people;
Cindy, Mangosteenskin, Milkberry, Caffeaulait,

Lifemuses, Katherine-Lee, and Ciyou. Have fun!

Congrats to the first commenter! :)

LadyJava Lounge


  1. Yihaa!!!
    What a treat.. baru bangun get FC!!! Yihaa..

  2. I was waiting waiting for JSKit.. then realise tak!!!

  3. Lol!!! Nanti I install js-kit here k.

    Congrats LJ! :):)

  4. haha.. i still blur.. are we supposed to google for the answer or the question?? lol!!

    hahaha... your wishlist is Ugly Dolls?? lol!!! apa tu??

  5. Nak letak which link here. You have, like, 8? Lol!!

  6. Google for answer lah. ;) Let's say mine kan next bday 28, so I google 28 la. ;)

  7. Lol!!! Ugly Dolls are ugly dolls, LJ! Apprently they're a type of designer dolls. :)

  8. LJ, nanti I update the link ya! :)

  9. Yeah! You already installed JS-kit here!

  10. Yes Haaziq! :):) Syok kan js-kit? ;)

  11. Haaziq, you're sooooo young! Hehehehe...

  12. Best2.. Sambil lambai2 tangan at Debbs.. Hehe.. It's starting to rain
    heavily here in Penang :)

  13. Not that young lah.. Hehehe.. Just 6 years differences. People
    nowadays are rarely have any age barrier. Even in marriage! Hehe

  14. Aiyo, how I wish I can be 22 again, Haaziq! :):):)

  15. *waving at Blue* Ye lah here also dah lama dah hujan. But no thunder tonight! :)


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