Saturday, 21 February 2009

Brown & Beige Birthday Card

I made this oh-so-simple card yesterday. This is for my friend, Geryl. He is celebrating his birthday today and he said he's aging gracefully, like fine wine. Then, I asked if I could take a sip. *winks*

I love the combination of brown and beige. My brother, Jojo would love this card too because brown is his favourite colour. Perhaps I will make him a card in the same colour scheme. When taking the photos, I had to use the 2 cute paper clips to keep the card in position. It's a 3-fold card, it keeps popping out!

Although it's a card for a man, I think there is nothing wrong with having a little flower on the card! I think it suits Geryl, the man who's man enough to wear his heart on his sleeve! :) You can easily improvise and use the same design for thank you cards or even a simple hello card. Enjoy the photos, let me know what you think!

Perfect imperfection - Love the stamped sentiment!

This flower is available at Crafty Heart :)


  1. I couldn't see it *damn Celcom and Google* but I am sure the card is beautiful as always :)

  2. Aiyo, I am so sorry you cannot view it, Haaziq. I didn't upload it to photobucket. Maybe I will, next time ya! :):)

  3. Adorable card! Love the clips. :D (Sorry if I'm double posting...not sure if I pressed enter the first time ._.)

  4. Hi jenn! Thanks so much for your comment. You didn't double post at all. No worries. :)


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