Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Big 3-0

A friend of mine is going to celebrate her big 3-0 next month. She told me that the theme will be Vegas Night! I have never been to a real party before so it is going to be so exciting! I am helping her with the decorations and menu.

She wants anything and everything glitzy and glamorous for her fabulous party. We plan to have a few tables, each for poker, blackjack and perhaps another casino game. Her huge living room will be the most glamorous room that night, with all the lights and casino-like decor. It will not be a huge party so there will not be any waiters or waitresses walking around with glasses of wine and champagne like what we often see in the movies, such as Casino Royale.

Speaking of Casino Royale, I just found out that there is a website called Online Poker Rooms. The website, just like its name, provides guidelines to the best tournaments, poker rooms and poker game downloads online. Poker enthusiasts can read reviews of the best online poker rooms listed on the website and also read on advice about poker strategies. Now, I must get prepared to do some reading on poker strategies and brush up on my skills so that I can win some cash on my friend's 30th birthday party.

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