Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tutorial - Making A Recipe Booklet

You Will Need

* 1 fancy card in cyan (A4)
* 3 plain paper in light blue (A4)
* decorated paper (as decoration)
* plain paper in white (for printing)
* 60cm of satin ribbon in cyan (3mm)
* stapler, scissors, glue, double-sided tape, ruler

Fold the fancy card in half. This will be the cover of your booklet.

Fold the light blue plain papers in half. These will be the pages of your booklet. I used 3 sheets of paper so that when they're folded in half, they make 6 pages as I have 5 recipes for this booklet.
Staple the fancy card and plain paper together, just like how an exercise book is stapled.

(Tip: Staple on an eraser, pull the eraser off and push the staple to secure the papers.)

Photocopy or print your recipes. Trim the sides of the photocopied or printed recipes so that they fit nicely on your booklet pages. Arrange according to your preference and stick them on using glue or double-sided tape.

Don't forget to print or write down the recipient's name on the first page. For this project, I've printed my swap partner's name and the swap name. Then, I cut around the words in rounded pattern, like a cloud for an informal and playful look. Glue it on the paper.

You'll also need to decorate the cover of your booklet. Here, I've used a pretty paper with flower motives, which I received in a swap from Kah Yoke (Singapore). You may cut the paper in whichever shape you want. This depends on your creativity. =) Glue the paper on the cover.

Print the title of your booklet. Mine is a booklet of Eurasian recipes. I've also printed a clip-art as decoration. Cut accordingly and glue.

Now, the final touch would be the cyan satin ribbon. I got this ribbon from the swap with Nika (Slovenia). Tie the ribbon around the middle of the pages (where you stapled) and tie a small bow. Trim the edges of the ribbon.

That's it and we're done! This is a simple project and I'm sure you can make a prettier one than mine. ^.^ It makes a great personalised gift.

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