Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Birthday Cards For November Babies

I love making cards, especially birthday cards. I've made two cards earlier this morning for two November babies. One is for a friend of mine and the other one is for my sister, Bell. Both are supposed to be surprises! Lol! I just love posting surprises on my blog. :)

Birthday card for a friend [Do What You Love]

Birthday card for my sis [Blessed & Special]

Both took just a few minutes to make, very easy. I love contrasting colours and using cut-out shapes as the focal point. Don't they look pretty? C'mon the backdrop idea is genius, isn't it? ;) I used the SEI Twitterpated 12x12 scrapbooking paper as the backdrop. Ribbons and flowers used on the first card can be purchased from my store. Cute flower-shaped brad in my sister's card is unavailable at the moment. Should I buy some for sale?


  1. Morning Debbie! I laik the card for ur sis and Bell is such a pretty name! I'm sure she'll love this card too. :):):)

  2. Morning Marzie! :) I'm on the roll! Made another Xmas card and now trying to figure out how to make a Salam Aidiladha card. Lol!! :)

    Bell is actually short form for Val @ Valerie, that's my sister's middle name. ;)


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