Friday, 10 October 2008

Scrapbook Paige Game

I've been enjoying my games a lot these few days. Other than my 3D games, I do enjoy puzzle games, where I am required to solve puzzles and search for hidden objects. I recently came across this super cool game called Scrapbook Paige and from its name, you'll know it's based on scrapbooking! How cool is that? I was pleasantly surprised to see that throughout the whole game, everything is colourful, even though I am quite used to games similar to it.

The main menu

Can you find the hidden items in this huge assortments?

It's really nice to see arrangements of rubber stamps and lots of different embellishments in the game. It makes me want to play it non-stop! Although the overall game play is simple, it is still very appealing, at least for me. All I can say is, scrapbookers and crafters alike, you would enjoy this game if you like hidden object games and don't mind searching for that tiny item amongst hundreds of mixed embellishments! Enjoy!

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