Thursday, 18 September 2008

How To Use Ribbons In Crafts

Hi everyone, I'm back! Even though I haven't been updating my blogs for quite some time, I do have photos of some crafts that I made recently. I've made several altered journals, one for a swap and another for my best friend, Yenny! I don't think Yenny will be viewing this, so it's going to be a surprise for her.

There are many types of ribbons available in the market for scrap-booking and card-making. You can use gingham, satin, grosgrain, ric rac and they are available in various patterns, such as polka dots, cartoons, stitches and more. Just be sure to pick ribbons that are scrapbook safe, especially if you're using them near or on photos to avoid them from staining the photos.

Altered journal for a swap

Yenny's altered journal

In the first photo, I've use scraps of ribbons and just tie them on each ring binder of the journal. For Yenny's journal, I've tied the ribbons around the ring that is used to attach the pages together. The ribbons are also used to decorate the cover of the journal. You can also use ribbons to decorate your journal page or for a bookmark, like the ones in the third photo. This is a great way to use up all your leftover ribbons and not waste them. Attached with stapler or mini brads, they instantly brighten up the journal page, don't you think? Hope you like the ideas I've shared.

A journal page with a bookmark attached

Guess what? I have more ribbons for sale! These are sold by yard, price starts from RM1.50 per yard (1 yard = 91.44 cm), so they're very affordable. To Carol, your ink pad set and sticker will be on their way today! Thanks for being my first customer. *hugs*


  1. hi debbie!!

    wah u're so productive with altered jurnal. I like the girl on the swap jurnal's cover. keep up the good work!

  2. Hi mangosteenskin! :):)

    Thanks! That's what I made when my pc was sent for repair! And I actually made more than that!!

    The journal cover with the girl is actually store-bought. ;) There are different themed, that one's winter.

  3.'ve been busy dearie.. see being offline has it's pros and cons eh..

  4. Yeah that's right, LJ. If only I had more materials during that time. These are just a few of the things I made when I was super-bored. Lol!!

  5. hehe.. takper.. ini pun dah bagus :)

  6. Boo!!! I spy you eating your mommy's laksa...lolzz!!!

  7. Boo! Didn't have any laksa la hehe..but bought some laksa paste to cook more laksa sarawak! :):)

  8. Yeay.. you're back.. no laksa?? kolok?? heheh... i so want to go to their restaurant after the fasting month for sure... A loves their Laksa...hhehe

  9. Hi LJ! No laksa nor kolok ler..tak sempat nak gi makan mi kolok. :):)

    Wah, where is the restaurant located? nanti bleh gi try..hehe I am so proud!

  10. hehe.. I need to look for the place too.. but it should be close to my home.. Dun worry.. I will surely blog about it after my visit :)

  11. cool! :):) mesti sedap giler tu..


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