Sunday, 24 August 2008

Daisy D's Flowers - Repacked

Aren't these pretty?? I received these beautiful Daisy D's silk flowers 2 days ago. I've repacked them in smaller 2 x 3 inches zip lock packets. I repacked them into small packets so that you can purchase them in smaller amounts and buy more varieties!

(top - left to right) Warm Me Up, Bring Me Cheer
(bottom - left to right) Soften Me Up, Treat Me

I'm selling these for RM2.50 per packet. There are 4 varieties, namely Bring Me Cheer, Treat Me, Warm Me Up and Soften Me Up. Each packet contains approximately 8 pieces of flowers. Sizes of flowers are 5 cm, 4 cm, 3.5 cm and 3 cm in diameter. These silk flowers are safe to be used in card-making and scrap-booking. They're best used with brads.

I'll be selling these in my online craft store soon! I hope you'll like them as much as I do! I'm waiting for ColorBox Cat's Eye ink pads now. They should reach my home this week. I cannot wait because the colours I picked are gorgeous! You MUST see them! Happy Sunday!

p/s. Carol, I've got your Delta Rubber Stampede ink pad set in Primary and stickers ready! Buzz me anytime! :)


  1. Debbie.. I suka tengok benda2 ni semua but chances are if I buy.. that's all i do with the.. tengok jer...lolzz

    So now that you have the craft shop, the other blog tu tak pakai lah eh?? eheheh

  2. LJ! Hehehe..I love these too! Nanti nak beli extra for my own use. :)

    The other blog I tak guna kot sbb dah ada website for my store, why la u ask?

  3. hehe... no reason i delete the bookmark lah...lolzz!!!

  4. Wow, you actually bookmarked it? Belum launch pun! Lol!! I feel honoured. Hehehe..

    I am now looking for templates la for my woman blog. Can't seem to find any that catches my fancy. Hmmm...

  5. Of course lah.. must support friends mah...:)

    MMG susah nak cari woman blog template esp one that is not pink..lolzz!!!

    That's why I got to come up with my own header..heheh

  6. Tu la pasal! I'm okay with pink but not when everything is pink! Lol!! Gotta be really patient with this. Nak change codes and design banner lagi!

    I think when I have 5 posts baru I launch la woman blog. Nanti u jadi co-writer I nak tak? I give u special slot(s) on Men We Love/Yummy Man of The Week, whatever u wanna call it la! Lol!! :)

  7. hi debbie!! nice marketing strategy. selling at small packets, affordable kan!

    hm, maybe u can try to give code for each color and size, so people can choose combination color they like.

    btw, secara x sengaja i ter-create a tag. and u're among d first listed victim, hehe.

  8. Hi Mango! :) I have codes for everything I sell, like these flowers. Now, I'm just promoting them here, the real website ada codes and descriptions. :):) Thanks for your suggestion! Ye la I want to sell affordable stuff, kalau mahal sangat, bagus beli di kedai kan? Hehe..

    Eh, ada tag ke? Nanti I check, thanks ya! :)

  9. heehehe.. debbie.. eh kalau satu blog ada dua writer nanti tak leh buat paid post kan.. setahu i lah.. i could be wrong...

  10. LJ, ye ke cannot? Hehe if like that, you suggest the men, I write! Yumm! :):)

  11. hey debbie! =)
    its mandy! =D where is your online store? i want to see it! =) i sent you a message on flickr! can you check it?! hehehe...

    hope you have been well and congrats on the store!! =D

  12. Yummy yummy flowers.

    What's more in the store?

  13. hi deb.. yup :D aku pun sik sabar dah tok.. thanks debbie coz be patience wit me..

  14. mandy: Hi! It's been a while since I last heard from you! I'll check my flickrmail asap!

    shafarina: Hi! Coming soon, there'll be clear stamps and more ink pads. :)

    carol: Will be sending your items tomorrow! (18/9/08) Thanks for being my first customer. :):) Hugs!

  15. Hi Debbie, I finally found out your real name too!!

    These are very pretty!!

    Have a great evening!!:-)

  16. Hey Jackie, thanks for commenting on an old post! :) Twitter just posted them, maybe because I edited my blog categories. :)

    Have a nice day dear! :)


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