Thursday, 21 August 2008

Beverly Hills Dentist

I was very busy updating my online store and adding my latest craft supplies last night, when I felt the need of brushing my teeth. After brushing, I was admiring my teeth in the mirror, actually more like scrutinising, when I wished that my teeth were straighter and whiter.

I know most people detest going to the dentist. I am not sure why but I love going to the dentist. I think it's because of the fact that I know the dentist won't hurt me and if he does, I know it's for my own good. I wish I can afford dental cosmetic treatment, though. I bet it costs a lot here in our country, but imagine having your teeth examined by a Beverly Hills dentist! I bet the doctors and dentists in Beverly Hills earn a hefty amount of money per month as they provide their services to the famous Hollywood celebrities.

There are many types of dental services that are offered in a Beverly Hills dental clinics. These services include tooth fillings, tooth whitening, treatment of bad breath and teeth cleaning. I wouldn't mind paying for the services if I'm a rich celebrity like Gwen Stefani or Wentworth Miller. Oh well, back to real life, where my teeth is not that straight and not that white! :) If you want a sparkling smile and can afford it, go and see a Beverly Hills dentist.


  1. Hola Debbs! I dropped both my ECs here oredi YAY! And MPG is back here on ur PW he he!! :):):)

  2. I'm one of those who doesn't like visiting the big D! But I'll go when I have to la he he! :):):)

  3. Wah, so cepat u drop ur ECs! :):) And thanks for bidding, tadi 2 different ads were there. :D

    Why la don't like to go see dentist? Nothing la tu hehe..

  4. Me too lah Debbs.. I hate Mr Dentist.. I've not gone for like 8years now!!! Lucky no cavities or toothache..lolzz

  5. I heard kan, we should not brush our teeth too much, because the bacteria will not have anything else to attack, but our teeth! Eeeeks! Twice a day is enough, like the dentists say. :)


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