Saturday, 28 June 2008

Altered Journal - Vintage Inspirations

It's been one week since I last updated. Sorry if you've been waiting for my latest post. =) Here's another altered journal. This one was made for Jesse, Nicole's sister. :)

It's rather crowded but I love it! No one has ever made me an altered journal before. Hint hint! Lol!

I love the large beads, the torn paper pieces and the vintage stickers. I hope you like this one too! Let me know what you think.


  1. looks like a box full of cute stickers actually. this one is not bad too! when is ur birthday debbie? maybe this will make u receive lots of altered journal on ur birthday! Lol.

  2. My birthday is in December, still a long way to go! :):) I doubt that anyone would make anything for me. Lol!!

  3. Great vintage inspiration.

    i think it is great.. love it..

  4. I love it would you consider swapping one with me. We swap journal pages with each other. I am hosting a swap right now its:

    Hope you join.

  5. hey debbie.. nice take on that altered journal..

    speaking of birtday.. who knows. December, lots of things can happen you know.. hehe..

    maybe a week notice on your blog telling ur birthday is coming up. hehehe. Then people have to get ready for some present laa kan? huhu

    heppi weekend yaa..

  6. ehhh.. sebelum ni rizal ada post kan?

    Debbie, you ve been awarded. Check my blog ya.. :)

  7. Rizal, thanks for always dropping by! I really appreciate it! :)

    Swapjunkie, will give your blog a look. :) Thanks!

  8. Rizal, thanks for the award. I'll post it here asap! :):)


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