Wednesday, 30 April 2008

April Blog Giveaway

For those who didn't know, Carol won last month's blog giveaway. The blog giveaway were 2 zentangle bookmarks. I added a little something to the package. =) You can read and view the photos at Carol's blog here.

This month, I am giving away something a little special. I received quite a lot of crafting papers and embellishments from swaps, so I've decided to share a little from my stash with one lucky reader. =) It's what I'd like to call Matchbox for Beginner Kit.

What you'll receive [click on the image to view large]

The lucky reader will get an altered matchbox filled with crafting goodies, like what you can see in the photo, plus a pre-cut template of the matchbox from the tutorial and two pieces of 6x6 crafting paper. I'm throwing in a little bag of paper punch-outs of daisies, stars, teddy bears, balloons and butterflies as well. I've chosen the primary colours to be pink and red, so the paper should work well with the embellishments.

If you don't mind receiving these (some picky people do mind as they're not brand new, etc but I assure you that they're clean and like new), then all you have to do is tell me why you really want the Matchbox for Beginner Kit from CraftnSwap.

This is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. Just leave me a message here and this will run until 30th April 2008. The winner will be announced here on Thursday, 1st May 2008 and will be chosen based on his/her answer. So be creative and give me your best! Good luck!

For the winner: I'd love to see the finished altered matchbox made with this kit. I hope you'll make something really pretty out of it, take some photos and show us! =)


  1. Hey, I saw your blog on blog explosion. Figured why not enter, it's a pretty scrapbook page kit.


  2. Hi, it's not a scrapbook page kit. It's a Matchbox Kit For Beginner and you're supposed to tell me WHY YOU WANT IT. =)

  3. Hi there! The Matchbox Kit For Beginner is really cute! I wish I can have it, because I love DIY (do it yourself) stuffs a lot! I'll like to have a little matchbox to put some cutie little stuffs which I think I won't lost them easily because they're well kept in the cute matchbox. And also the altered matchbox filled with crafting goodies is awesome! I can see those crafting goodies are cute and I can use them as my homemade cards or some decorations!

  4. Hi Cherry! Thanks for joining. =)

  5. Deb... I love the Matchbox Kit For Beginner.. So cute... I want it; Hehehe.. Reasons... Since I have lots of accessories so i need boxes to keep them. Not just ordinary but cute one like yours. So I don't just collect them for nothing but they served as a good place for keeping my stuff neat and tidy beside being gorgeous on my dressing table..

  6. hello..
    i want the kit too but i think a beginner deserve the kit much more than me...! after all, i used a real matchbox and cover it up with cute fabrics and stickers and stuff..i never did a matchbox from paper..where did u get that kit? would love to get one for myself..

  7. Hi Nora and Ichigo! Thanks for participating. =)

    Ichigo: You can make them yourself. I have the tutorial here on my blog, one of the March entries. =)

  8. I wan I wan!! This would make a great gift for my MIL, she loves all this craft stuff! Count me in Debbie! :)

  9. hehe debbie, can i join too? :P .. that matchbox kit sooo adorable and cute. I like to collect boxes and your matchbox kit definitely drool me out. I've been eyeing them ever since you made it for your swap friend ... my collection would be perfect with that cute matchbox kit of yours :P... i love D.I.Y too... love to cracking head on how to put those thing together hehe..

    p/s: owh the box dat i rcv the other was put together with so much effort hahahaha.....

  10. Hi Carol! Of course you can join. =) I'm glad you manage to assemble the DIY gift box I sent you. It's really cute, isn't it? I love cute boxes too, but I don't want to start collecting; I might just not stop! =)

  11. Count me in! I love the pink kit. I like pink he he he

  12. Hi Kak Nana! Thanks for joining in the fun! =)

  13. debbie, i am not good at posting why i want i do it in pantun style.. buleh?

    ehem ehem, my pantun 4 kerat why i want it (errr sila baca dengan penuh gaya mendeklamasikan pantun yer)

    ohhh debbie blog pusaka blog hikmat,
    berikanlah sayaaa satuuuuu alamat,
    kraf berseni debbie sememangnyaaa satu nikmat,
    kalau ku dapat nikmatnyaa yaa ampun teramat-amat...

    hehehe.. can win arr that pantun comment?

    anyway, emila commented on my post asking if we want to do ATC (art trading card - handmade). That sounds a good idea..

    Up to it? - a handmade trading card, postcard saiz -

    p/s : love to get your ATC the zentangle thing.. huhuhu

  14. Rizal, very nice pantun. Hehe..I read it out loud to my best friend..hehe..

    I'd love to join that ATC exchange, but ATC kan sebesar playing cards jer? Kalau sebesar poskad, kena panggil dier handmade postcard la..hehe

    Nanti I buat zentangle, tapi skrg kat Pahang la, tak bawak supplies langsung ni.

  15. Ooooh I wonder who's the winner, Rizal siap berpantun lagi lolz... :) Debbie, you can add this blog to RHD as well if u like! :)

  16. Hi Marzie! I'll be announcing the winner today! :) Susah la nak pilih..hehe


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